Michael J. Leu was born into a large family in Taiwan in which four of the six siblings turned out to be artistically talented.  This family influence resulted in him acquiring skill in drawing and painting at a very young age.  

While studying architecture in college he developed a passion for photography.   This interest led him to rent an apartment above a local photography studio where he was permitted to use their facilities and learn traditional darkroom processes from the professionals working there.  Michael's final architectural project won first place, beating out all the other undergraduate and graduate architecture degree candidates, combined, in the entire country of Taiwan that year.  This presentation demonstrated his ability at rendering hand-drawn (a straightedge was not utilized at all) sketches and his skill in hand constructing 3-D models.  His studies continued after relocating to the United States for the purpose of earning a Masters Degree in Architecture which included credits received from courses taken while in Europe.

As an architect in Dallas he often worked with interior decorators while completing a project.  The use of color, proportion, textures and materials would become an important influence in his artwork and photography. 

In late 1988, after moving to New York City, Michael Leu Studio was created.  As a direct result of  his unique background and international experience he was drawn to work in many diverse media, primarily, photography, watercolor and printmaking (silkscreen, etching, monotype) to name a few.  He has developed considerable skill not only with traditional methods, but also the newest digital technology.  Most of his collection is found on his website (www.cityleu.com) which was completely designed and implemented by Michael himself.

"Try something new.  It will always be rewarding and enjoyable if you believe in the process",  Michael notes.  "In my approach to my art and photography I study perspective from different vantage points and then add beauty, light and context to complete the whole.  As a man with an extensive architectural background I continually strive to reflect on the beauty and wonder of the world in order to create new artwork for both my current and potential collectors."